no me olvido de los que me importan siempre, 

y sabes que lo hago por ti

i do not forget those I care for always, 

and you know I do that for you

need a design mystery solved or just want to say hello? write a letter : dear,


PO Box 971

Skaneateles, NY 13152

!        certified w/tracking mail recommended 

if you sent a letter with no response please inform me :


I may be somewhere; like sitting in a public park reading 

or gazing at Skaneateles Lake


Coming soon: Never seen before audio, interior design, and furniture ideas.  Updated 4/13/21

nelsii might know*TM

Warning: Beware of fake Nelsii imposters.   So far I've sent one letter back to an individual who was so kind as to provide me with some words of wisdom.  I responded with gratitude via mail.  If anyone else received mail, it wasn't from me.  Then again, how might you know?  

Answer: Put an anonymous secret code in your letter, and I'll post it here after I respond.  There, problem solved.  That's my forte.

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*because most things are personal:

nelsii is an opinion writer and that should be taken as such

 I am but a speck of cosmic dust